Yes, you can cheat at online poker

How many times have you attended an online poker table and thought of you when something is not right
something just does not make sense? Things could not really happen like that
could they? Especially time and again and again! Something must be wrong. Someone must be … gasp … Cheat! Well
guess what. Chances are … they cheat! The likelihood is good that your perception is correct. You’ll probably disappear try to convince you that cheating is not possible online. The poker rooms would prevent it
is not it? Nevertheless
I tell you: You’re probably right in your sense of what is happening.Read this statement carefully: Cheating happens in poker rooms online! Yes
yes. Regardless of how much you want to think it does
no matter how many poker sites want to convince you that it is not possible in this era of high-tech surveillance
it happens . And you’re probably a victim of it
if you know it or not.Do you know
whose experience you should trust on this? People whose opinion is valuable are those who have an enormous amount of experience of the game at two sites and online poker rooms of brick and mortar. Many longtime professional players can attest that the pace and events at the poker tables online is often very different from the physical game in person. After a person is playing poker in casinos and gambling halls for thousands and thousands of hours over many years
that person gets used to the normal flow of fair play
the way things usually happen and unfold over time to a normal poker table undressed. When playing online
when events break the normal flow of outcomes
over time
the seasoned professional knows something is not right. And he’s right. What is the problem is cheating. Cheating happens much more frequently than most people suspect. In fact
it is widespread.It is no mystery that the various forms of cheating are possible in the online poker rooms. The evidence is everywhere. Poker rooms you thought otherwise
but look at the evidence.So
the question becomes: if people are cheating online (they are)
then will you be among them? In other words
do you want to be a player who gets cheated (and you) or do you want to be a player who is doing the cheating? Do not get me wrong
cheating is not for everyone. Many people find abhorrent and immoral
and I respect these people for their opinions. To err is to take what is rightfully yours. To err is to lower your ethical position. To err is lying and conniving in a manner that is unbecoming of decent people. All this is true. Nevertheless
there is cheating at online poker tables every minute of every day. Ask yourself again: Do you want to be deceived
or do you want to cheat. It’s one or the Other. If your answer to this question is yes
you prefer to be among those who are cheating
then know that you can. There are methods that succeed there. People use these methods successfully at present. And you can too.Please understand that I am not encouraging you to cheat. Lord
no! But if you decide to do
my message is that you do so
it is possible. Look in the case
and you will discover ways to accomplish the online cheating. I say this well informed and with confidence. Yes
you can cheat if you want

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